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Building blocks

To meet the needs of almost every building project, from residential to industrial buildings, our MasterWalls prefab walls are available with standard concrete blocks or our Climasono building blocks.

Both types have been technically modified for integration in our prefab walls. Nevertheless, they still offer the same solidity, dimensional stability and consistent structure as they did before.

"Both types of building blocks have been technically modified but offer the same advantages as they did before."

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  • Economic solution

  • Acoustic isolation

  • Sustainable

  • High pressure stength

  • BENOR and CE certified

Our hollow concrete blocks are considerably cheaper than traditional bricks and more resistant to external pressures. Besides, they offer outstanding dimensional stability, unrivalled dimensional stability and purity thanks to the size of the granulate.

Quality made in Belgium

All of our concrete blocks are produced in Belgium using premium cement, sand and gravel. It is only by staying true to this recipe that we can meet the severe internal and external requirements. 

Standard concrete blocks


Climasono building blocks

With our Climasono building blocks, we provide an answer to the increasing demand for thermal and acoustic building products. These blocks consist of natural aggregates, cement and Argex expanded clay granulates. Not only does this make them considerably lighter than traditional concrete blocks, they also have a much higher pressure strength.

Thermal insulation for energy-efficient building

​Thanks to the porous internal structure of the light-weight Argex granulates, Climasono building blocks offer a thermal resistance which is up to 5 times higher than the thermal resistance of traditional concrete building blocks. 

Maximum acoustic comfort

Despite a significantly lower weight, Climasono building blocks insulate noise better than standard concrete building blocks.

  • Thermal insulation

  • Sound insulating and absorbing

  • Sustainable and recyclable

  • Fire-resistant

  • Light-weight, high pressure strength

  • BENOR en CE certificied


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