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Who we are

75 years ago, Betonagglomeraten Gubbels NV was founded as a manufacturer and supplier of concrete building materials. This tradition has been continued for over 75 years now, although our product range and sales markets have considerably expanded. Thanks to this dedication, we managed to evolve from a local concrete company based in Maasmechelen to a leading supplier of concrete building materials in Europe.

About 25 years ago, we introduced the Masterbloc stacking block. Thanks to its unique production process, this waste-free stacking block is considerably more sustainable than its competitors, who are usually poured and not drilled. It is not just by coincidence that numerous agricultural and industrial companies rely on Masterbloc for both temporary and permanent solutions.

"Understanding our customers and helping them overcome obstacles, that was the key to our success."

The foundation of MasterWalls was the next step in our master plan. After 75 years in the industry, we understand the stumbling blocks of contractors and developers like no other. By offering our existing products in a whole new way, we managed to remove many of these obstacles. In the end, working with MasterWalls means working more precisely, efficiently and safely.

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