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Maximum efficiency,

consistent quality

Every year, the construction industry loses a considerable amount of working days due to bad weather conditions. But should the weather be an inevitable obstacle to the industry? 

What if we could build walls under controlled circumstances and without any structural or technical limitations and deliver them ready to use at the construction site? And what if we could integrate the strengths of our current range of building blocks for outstanding acoustic and thermal qualities?

Shortly after, the desire to offer our existing product in a whole new way enabling us to unburden our customers even more was put to practice.

Why MasterWalls?


Machine made, so always straight and made to measure


More m2 of surface in less time with less employees


No grinding works, no scaffolds and less fine dust


Few structural and technical limitations


No time-consuming preparations or cleaning works

The right building block for every project

To meet the needs of almost every building project, from residential to industrial buildings, MasterWalls prefab walls are available with standard concrete blocks or Climasono building blocks.

Both types have been technically modified for integration in our prefab walls. Nevertheless, they still offer the same solidity, dimensional stability and consistent structure as they did before.

"Both types have been technically modified but still offer the same advantages as they did before."

2de-keus-restpartijen-betonblokken 4.jpg


concrete blocks

  • Economic solution

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Sustainable

  • High pressure stength

  • BENOR and CE certified



building blocks

  • Thermal insulation

  • Sound insulating and absorbing

  • Sustainable and recyclable

  • Fire-resistant

  • Light-weight, high pressure strength

  • BENOR and CE certified


GUBBELS - Vilvoorde 3D Model.JPG

4. Placement

The walls are put in place using a crane. A detailed installation plan indicates the right order.  

1. Preparing study

Based on stability studies and the customer’s / architect’s plans, we make a detailed design of every individual wall; which we will send over to you for approval. 

2. Production

Our walls can contain all possibe previsions like beams, armoring and cavity hooks. 

The manufactured walls are given a unique number which indicates the order of installation. 

3. Transport

The walls or loaded on a metal frame and delivered at the construction site at the agreed time.  

5. Connection

Lastly, the walls are connected using an anchoring bar and the vertical joints are filled with non-shrinking grout. 

Ready for the future of building? 

Great, so are we! 

 Tell us more about your building plans and we help you make them true.  

Betonagglomeraten Gubbels NV

Industrial area  - Steenweg naar As 4

B-3630 Maasmechelen

+32 (0)89 65 78 86

BTW BE0414.720.827

Thanks for your request!

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